Hoffman, who is in London, said another gubernatorial contender

Tooryalai Wesa, 58, accepted Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s offer for the top political posting in Kandahar during a lunchtime meeting on Thursday, the president’s half brother told The Canadian Press.Ahmed Wali Karzai, chair of Kandahar’s provincial council, said Wesa is scheduled to arrive at the governor’s palace on Friday, the day before he’s sworn in as governor.»I always wanted to be the bridge between two of my home countries, Afghanistan and Canada,» Wesa said Thursday in an interview with CBC.»My priority will be to direct the interest of the fellow Canadians here in Kandahar to the right direction to help those who are eligible to be helped.»Canada’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Ron Hoffman, said a process began in Kabul more than two weeks ago to review candidates to replace Wesa’s predecessor, former army general Rahmatullah Raufi.Hoffman, who is in London, said another gubernatorial contender whom he did not name had previously been picked for the post.»There was a different candidate two weeks ago that I was told had the job,» he said.Canada’s top civilian official in Kandahar, Elissa Golberg, welcomed Wesa’s appointment.»We look forward to working with him to strengthen the bonds between Kandaharis and their government cheap nfl jerseys, including by helping the government to deliver essential services and maintain law and order,» Golberg said in a statement.The governor of Kandahar is generally considered Canada’s biggest ally in the volatile southern province where the bulk of Canada’s troops, which currently number about 2 cheap nfl jerseys,750, have been stationed for nearly three years.Wesa’s extensive background in education cheap nfl jerseys, development and aid work, coupled with his dual Canadian Afghan citizenship, help explain why he was chosen for the post.Wesa has also worked with Canadian soldiers by helping train officers from Canada’s provincial reconstruction team who are deploying to Afghanistan.He has extensive experience working on rural development projects in Afghanistan, most recently as the south region director with Development Alternatives International.Wesa is also the founder and first chancellor of Kandahar University. He is fluent in Pashto, Dari, Farsi, and English, and also speaks German and Arabic.A 2004 interview with the University of British Columbia gives more details about the man who will be Kandahar’s next governor.He was born in Kandahar in 1950 and received a bachelor of science degree from Kabul University in the early 1970s, followed by a master of science degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 1977.Wesa taught at Kabul University and advised Afghanistan’s government, the United Nations and aid groups.He left Afghanistan with his wife and three young daughters in 1991 in the dying days of the Soviet occupation. Wesa’s family lived in Hungary and Switzerland before coming to Canada.Wesa’s doctoral thesis at UBC focused on the impact of the Soviets on Afghanistan’s agricultural infrastructure.»The main problem is the lack of professional people cheap nfl jerseys,» the UBC profile quotes him as saying.»We lost three or four generations.

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